Django Kill (ItalianSe sei vivo spara also known as Django Kill!... If You Live, Shoot! and Oro Hondo) is a 1967 Italian spaghetti western.

Despite the fact that it has "Django" in its title (outside of Italy), the movie has nothing to do with the Django movies.[1] It is well known for the surrealistic violence and for the psychedelic editing of Franco "Kim" ArcalliPhil Hardy defines it as "the most brutally violent spaghetti western ever made".[2] Describing the film, Christopher Frayling says that "the violence was of an extraordinarily savage kind".[3] Antonio Bruschini writes that "this film is the first western to offer a sample of truly horrendous scenes".[4] Marco Giusti defines the film as the most violent, bizarre and "pop" ever filmed in Italy.[5]

One week after its release, an Italian Court confiscated Django Kill for its scabrous violence. The film was re-released seven days later, with 22 minutes removed.[6] The film had censor problems in many other countries: in England, the British censorship removed about half an hour of film.[7] Recently, several DVD editions restored the removed scenes, publishing the film in an uncut and uncensored version.[6]


 [hide*1 Plot


American and Mexican gangsters rob together a gold transport. After the successful ambush some of the Americans attempt to keep the booty for themselves. The Mexicans defeat the Americans but their leader Django is badly wounded. Django finds shelter among locals but a mighty rancher hears about the gold and wants to have it for himself. He commits several crimes against the locals and eventually tortures Django just to get the hidden gold. Django scarcely survives, ending up lonely and empty-handed.


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