Faccia a faccia (Spanish title: Cara a caraEnglish title: Face to Face) is a 1967 Italian spaghetti western film written and directed by Sergio Sollima. The film stars Gian Maria Volonté andTomas Milian, and features a musical score by Ennio Morricone.

Faccia a faccia is the second of Sollima's three westerns, following La resa dei conti ("The Big Gundown") and predating Corri, uomo, corri ("Run, Man, Run!"), a sequel to La resa dei conti. Milian stars in a lead role in all three films.


 [hide*1 Plot


Professor Brad Fletcher (Volontè), a teacher from New England, leaves his job and travels to Texas due to his ill health. After arriving in the west, he ends up taken hostage by a wounded outlaw, Solomon "Beauregard" Bennet (Milian). Fletcher helps Bennet regain his health and manages to convince Bennet that he is more valuable to him alive than dead. Through their uneasy friendship, Fletcher takes an interest in the outlaw way of life. Instead of returning home, he decides to join the "Bennet's Raiders".

Fletcher's influence on Bennet soon causes the formerly cold-blooded killer to rethink his violent behaviour, whereas Fletcher's transformation from a peaceful professor to a confident and greedy criminal makes him break his own moral codes. Due to his intellect and ambition, Fletcher becomes a key member of the gang and soon challenges Bennet for the leader's position. After proving his worth in a duel, Fletcher plans and executes his first bank robbery. After one of the gang members turns out to be Charlie Siringo (William Berger), a Pinkerton detective, Fletcher and Bennet find out there is a vigilante group after them.[1]


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